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We work through an extensive research programme tailored to your request including; country scoping, literature reviews on the effect of the ask on animal welfare indicators, cost effectiveness analysis including the economic effects, and consulting experts for their opinion.

The outcome of the research programme will see Animal Ask recommend an optimal ask which is likely to have the highest expected impact based on our research.


Our final reports will be publicly available in order to maximise the impact this research could have.

Animal Ask can assist your organisation either through our prioritisation process, consolation or through our publicly available reports. These can either help inform your current campaign priorities or support an existing campaign.

Here is an example: Your organisation has been given a grant to expand your work but you don’t know what you should work on next. You have a shortlist of ideas but you don’t know how to tell which campaigns will work best in practice. You are considering an ask for broiler chickens as you have seen this work well in other regions but you also want to start working on fish welfare. You don’t know how to choose between these opportunities, whether to put this resource towards existing campaigns and also feel that there could be other country-specific campaigns that aren’t being considered.

Animal Ask would utilise their Ask Prioritisation process to support you with in-depth, cross-comparative research, producing extensive reports to support your decision making towards the most promising opportunity for your organisation.



We work with you on a consultation basis where we feel that your request does not warrant the full Ask Prioritisation programme.


We can share resources, connect you with experts in the field and conduct smaller levels of research on your behalf to contribute towards identifying the optimal ask.

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