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Aquatic Life Institute Consultation Partnership

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Animal Ask is supporting the Aquatic Life Institute and the Aquatic Animal Alliance with their certifier benchmark by deep diving into their five pillars for fish welfare and utilising the results to create a certifier benchmark system.

Following on from the launch of our Ask Consultation programme, many organisations have been in touch with us to talk through what this service and additional resource could mean for their organisation. The partnership with the Aquatic Life Institute is a great example of the research capacity we are able to offer organisations who are defining their next campaign asks.


“We advise and fund research on aquatic animals, then mobilise our findings to guide welfare interventions. Operating from effective altruism principles, ALI seeks to support and accelerate activities that positively impact aquatic life, with a near-term focus on becoming a central and pivotal organisation in efforts to improve the welfare of farmed fish on an international scale.”

Following their launch, ALI founded the Aquatic Animal Alliance, a coalition of prominent animal welfare groups who are looking to set high welfare standards for aquatic animals. Towards this goal, the AAA defined their key aquatic animal welfare recommendations. Currently these pillars have been identified as the key recommendations where welfare interventions are most needed for the animals used in aquaculture.

Moving on from the success of the initial launch of these standards, ALI is looking to deep dive into each key recommendation, provide supporting literature on the importance of each intervention, and utilise this knowledge to develop a comprehensive benchmarking criteria to evaluate and compare global aquatic animal product certification schemes. ALI is utilising our Ask Consultation service to support these efforts. We will complete and compile research on their behalf in order to best support the defining and refining of these pillars.

“At the Aquatic Life Institute we are constantly looking for synergies to improve our work.
We are very excited about our collaboration with Animal Ask that will further advance our current welfare recommendations, which will be used globally in institutional work to improve the conditions for aquatic animals by our multiple coalitions like the Aquatic Animal Alliance.”

Catalina Lopez, Director, Aquatic Animal Alliance

If you or an organisation you work with could benefit from research resource towards identifying an optimal ask, please get in touch with us. We would love to hear from you.

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