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Pilot Programme Launch

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

We are delighted to be launching our pilot programme, in which we will support two animal advocacy organisations over the next six months with research towards their up and coming ask considerations.

When starting Animal Ask, the main goal for our pilot year was to collaborate with existing organisations in the animal advocacy space, offering our research resource for free to support the movement with stronger ask prioritisation whilst simultaneously testing our research model and research process.

We put a call out to the movement during our official launch in November for any organisations that would be interested in this additional research resource. As a result we are delighted to have solidified relationships with two strong organisations whom we will be working with for the next six months, as we support their efforts in an up and coming ask consideration.

Sinergia Animal

The first organisation is Sinergia Animal, an Animal Charity Evaluator ‘Standout Charity’, who aim to end the worst practices in the livestock animal industry, reduce the suffering of animals exploited by the food industry and reduce consumption of animal products by promoting a better and healthier diet.

We will be supporting Sinergia Animal with research into a corporate ask for fish in Southeast Asia.

"We believe animal advocacy has a lot to win when organisations collaborate and as such we are eager to start this new project with Animal Ask. They came to us in a good moment to step up our work in Southeast Asia, boosting our research regarding fish welfare.
We believe millions of animals can benefit from this partnership as the region is one of the biggest fish producers and consumers in the world"

Eduarda Nedeff, Global Corporate Engagement Director, Sinergia Animal

Advocates for Animals

The second organisation is Advocates for Animals, the first UK law firm dedicated to animal protection, and experts in animal protection law.

We will be supporting Advocates for Animals as they make a transition from solely client-based work to form a new additional entity where they will pursue legal interventions in their own right to ensure the protections animals are afforded are enforced and improved. Their initial project will look at the enforcement of the welfare laws for farmed animals.

"Advocates for Animals is delighted to have been chosen by Animal Ask for their pilot programme. One of the obstacles for setting up our new entity has been a lack of resources to identify what the most impactful legal work would be in this area, Animal Ask will help to solve this."

Edie Bowles, Solicitor & Co-founder, Advocates for Animals

We will work through an extensive research process with both organisations including, country scoping, literature reviews on the effect of the ask on animal welfare indicators, cost effectiveness analysis including the economic effects, forecasts for the expected and consulting experts for their opinion.

The outcome of the research process will see Animal Ask recommend an optimal ask to each organisation which has the highest expected impact based on our research. Our final reports will be publicly available in order to maximise the impact this research could have.

Both of these organisations give Animal Ask a unique opportunity to develop our skills and research process in two very different environments, corporate and legislative, whilst contributing research resources to an animal ask consideration which would otherwise not have been as thoroughly researched.

Charity Entrepreneurship estimate that the difference in value between the best and worst ask, already being reasonably considered, could be as much as three times, therefore we deem this work to be crucial to the development and furtherance of effective farmed animal asks.

We will conclude our research in May 2021 and look forward to sharing our findings with you.

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