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George Bridgwater
Head of Research

George was previously a research analyst for Charity Entrepreneurship investigating mental health and animal advocacy interventions for their incubation program.

Before this opportunity, George studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Southampton where he helped to found the Effective Altruism Society.


He also volunteered for several charities, including Animal Charity Evaluators and the Red Cross.

Ren Springlea PhD
Research Scientist

Ren is a research scientist with particular expertise in quantitative skills, including data analysis, statistical programming, and biological and economic modelling. Before bringing their skillset to Animal Ask, Ren worked in academia and as a fisheries scientist in government, and they also provide their skills to the Animal Justice Party. Ren is passionate about social justice, politics, and protecting animals in the long-term future.


Ren's PhD and publications explored fisheries, effective philanthropy, and animal sentience. They also hold a Graduate Certificate in Applied Economics and a Bachelor of Science (Advanced) in Ecology.

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Max Carpendale
Research Analyst

Max has been involved in effective altruism and animal advocacy since 2011.

He has worked as a researcher for Animal Ethics, where he focused on reducing suffering among wild animals, and for Rethink Priorities, where he focused on invertebrate sentience.


Max has also interned at Animal Charity Evaluators and volunteered for ALLFED. Max studied philosophy at Simon Fraser University.


Tom Gooch
Copyediting Volunteer
Nadine Grinberg
Research Volunteer

Tom currently works as a visiting lecturer in animal behaviour and welfare at the University of Winchester. He teaches research methods to first- and second-year students on BA (Hons) Animal Welfare and Society and works in collaboration with the Centre for Animal Welfare.

He has been a lifelong advocate for animal welfare and has previously volunteered at the UK Centre for Animal Law and Orangutan Appeal UK. Tom graduated from the Animal Welfare and Society degree on which he now teaches in 2020 and received a Master of Science in Animal Welfare Science, Ethics and Law the following year

Nadine has been involved in animal welfare and advocacy work since 2019. She has worked as a researcher for Animal Ethics, where she co-authored a literature review and a research report on the moral consideration of wild animals in China. Then she worked as a research fellow for Animal Charity Evaluators where she focused on the charity evaluations and took part in the verification process.


Nadine is volunteering for a charity providing children with augmentative and alternative communication technology. She studied contemporary performance at Utrecht University and cognitive science and psychology at New Bulgarian University.

Matthew is an independent researcher from Melbourne currently focusing on issues around moral progress, moral uncertainty and economic development. He is the education director of the Effective Altruism club at the University of Melbourne, where he will be pursuing an Honours degree in philosophy in 2023. He holds a Bachelors in philosophy from the University of Melbourne.

Matthew Blyth
Research Volunteer

Advisory Board

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Karolina Sarek
Co-founder & Director of Research 
Charity Entrepreneurship
MandyHS2 copy (003).jpg
Mandy Carter
Global Head of Campaigns
Compassion in World Farming
Karolina is co-founder and Director of Research at Charity Entrepreneurship. There, she creates a research agenda and processes and leads the research team, aiming to find and compare the most evidence-based, cost-effective and neglected interventions in multiple cause areas. She also serves as a Fund Manager at the EA Animal Welfare Fund, and as a board member and consultant for various nonprofits and think tanks.
Before Charity Entrepreneurship, she co-founded an organisation to improve the impact of nonprofits and social enterprises; worked on measurement and evaluation; and was a researcher for IBM and the Jagiellonian University (JU). At the age of 22, she became a university teaching fellow, lecturing at JU’s Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science.
Mandy is an award winning campaigns specialist, currently Global Senior Campaigns Manager at Compassion in World Farming International. There she is responsible for planning, leading and delivering global campaigns with a focus on the highest impact.
She has over 15 years of experience in animal advocacy, overseeing strategy at international organisations. The former Campaigns Director at SAFE in New Zealand is also on the advisory board of Sinergia Animal, rated as one of the most effective animal protection NGOs in the world by Animal Charity Evaluators (ACE).
Mandy’s successes include working with all supermarkets in New Zealand to get them to go cage-free positively affecting the lives of 40% of hens; securing over one million signatures on the ambitious ‘End the Cage Age’ Europeans Citizens’ Initiative – only the sixth ever to reach this milestone; and overseeing major investigations.
Jan Sorgenfrei
Co-founder & Director of Campaigns 
Anima International
Jan Sorgenfrei is a co-founder of Anima International, where he operates as Director of Campaigns. As a co-founder of Anima Denmark, he has been engaged in animal advocacy for more than 20 years.
His current focus is on capacity building and supporting the adaptation and implementation of the most effective campaigns in eastern Europe.
Aaron Sq.png
Aaron Ross
Vice President of Policy and Strategy
The Humane League
Aaron Ross serves as the Vice President of Policy and Strategy for The Humane League, an international animal advocacy organisation and is the co-founder of the Open Wing Alliance, a global coalition focused exclusively on ending cages.
Aaron has been active in the movement since 2001 and has led groundbreaking campaigns for animals in the US and abroad. He specialises in corporate strategy, negotiation, and mass mobilisation.
Amy Odene
Managing Director User-Friendly

Amy is one of the initial co-founders of Animal Ask. She worked as Head of Operations and Strategic Partnerships between 2020 and 2023 before moving to an advisory position. Prior to this she worked in the animal advocacy space as both Campaigns Manager for ProVeg UK and Global Corporate Relations at The Humane League UK. 


During her time at THL she collaborated with the Open Wing Alliance to coordinate major global commitments across the food sector to free hens from cages across the world. 


She has also spoken at major animal conferences across the world on both plant-based advocacy and the overarching global landscape of factory farmed animals. 

Amy is also currently a mentor for the Farmed Animal Strategic Team (FAST) and co-host of the How I Learned to Love Shrimp podcast.

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