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Animal Ask aims to use a combination of animal welfare and social science to support the animal advocacy movement to implement the most impactful asks for animals, improving the lives of animals in factory farms across the globe. 

There is currently limited capacity and resources for this specialised work. Animal Ask is uniquely placed as one of the only research organisations entirely committed to the comparison and formation of impactful farmed animal asks. We support organisations with their current strategic agendas, as well as helping organisations to optimise their ask interventions, based on the findings of our research.




We are delighted to be launching our pilot programme, in which we will support both Sinergia Animal and Advocates for Animals over the next six months with research towards their up and coming ask considerations.


We will work through an extensive research process with both organisations including, country scoping, literature reviews on the effect of the ask on animal welfare indicators, cost effectiveness analysis including the economic effects, forecasts for the expected  and consulting experts for their opinion.


The outcome of the research process will see Animal Ask recommend an optimal ask to each organisation which has the highest expected impact based on our research. Our final reports will be publicly available in order to maximise the impact this research could have.

For more information, please see our recent blog on our pilot programme launch.

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