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Our Work and Services

Animal Ask is a non-profit research consultancy that aims to improve the lives of animals by supporting the global animal advocacy movement in its efforts to oppose animal exploitation. We achieve this by providing organizations and funders with research that assists them in making informed decisions about their advocacy efforts. We provide support to animal advocacy organizations through three programs: Ask Prioritisation, Consultation and Movement Strategy Research.​



Our Ask Prioritisation program identifies the most impactful campaign opportunities available to organizations working to improve the lives of animals in their region. The outcome of the research programme will see Animal Ask recommend several top-tier asks which is likely to have the highest expected impact based on our research. As well as potentially some smaller potentially more tractable campaigns targeting existing policy windows.


Strong campaigns or policies have the potential to affect many more animals,  improve their quality of life, and are more easily achieved. In contrast, the weakest campaigns can have no, or even a negative, effect.


This makes careful research essential to make well-informed decisions about where the movement's limited campaign resources are spent. For a visualisation of our past work in this area so far please examine our Country Priorities Map.



We work with you on a consultation basis where we feel that your request does not warrant the full Ask Prioritisation programme. This could be:

  • An extensive report on one particular campaign option or policy 

  • Research to bolster the advocacy for an existing campaign.  For example, we provided research to Essere Animali on the costs of implementing the humane slaughter of fish.

  • Country scoping covers a review of existing protections, the number of animals used or affected by humans, market conditions and opportunities for advocacy 

Circular Library


Our movement strategy research examines the broad approaches to advocacy for potentially high-impact opportunities that may be neglected by the movement. This year, we plan to investigate various ideas, including shareholder activism, policy benchmarking, opportunities within international politics, and numerous other opportunities (e.g. see our previous report on the value of divestment campaigns). 


We periodicaly seek applications for research support with animal advocacy organisations to assist them in their missions to help other animals. If you think this would be something you may be intersted in please get in contact through the form below or get in touch to discuss wether or how we might be able to support your advocacy. 

Anonymous Form

We provide our partner organisations and rest of stakeholders a completely anonymous form to share their feedback in a secure way. Should you like to provide us feedback anonymously we encourage you to fill and send the form. We will truly appreciate any comment, information and suggestion.

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