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Expected hours: Full-time (Part-time considered for some candidates)
Location: Remote (Option to work from london)
Payment bracket: Up to ~$43,500 (pay based on need)
Application deadline: 29th Nov 2023
Start date:  Early 2024


Animal Ask is looking to appoint a Global Stakeholder Engagement Coordinator to our team to manage and expand our relationships with key stakeholders in the movement. As well as assist in communicating our research findings to a broader audience. 


Animal Ask is a non-profit research consultancy that aims to improve the lives of animals by supporting the global animal advocacy movement in its efforts to oppose animal exploitation. We achieve this by providing organisations and funders with research that assists them in making informed decisions about their advocacy efforts. We provide support to animal advocacy organisations through three programs: Ask Prioritisation, Consultation and Movement Strategy Research.​


  • Our Ask Prioritisation program identifies the most impactful campaign opportunities available to organisations working to improve the lives of animals in their region. 

  • Our Consultation work with organisations includes extensive research into particular campaign or policy options or research to bolster the advocacy for an existing campaign.

  • While our movement strategy research examines the broad approaches to advocacy for potentially high-impact opportunities that may be neglected by the movement.


All our work aims to support animal advocacy organisations to use their time and resources in the most effective way for non-human animals. 


Given the impressive level of effort and resources animal advocacy organisations currently put behind each campaign, we think that supporting our community in prioritising the best asks and campaign approaches is key and you would play an integral role in supporting this mission.


Your work would contribute to the impact of Animal Ask in two key ways. First through increasing engagement, awareness and comprehension of our research findings. Research that is not read, understood and updated on by relevant actors does not have an impact so improving this could amplify our existing impact. 


Secondly through exposure and promotion of Animal Ask and our services. This will help us secure new partnerships/projects with animal advocacy groups and our other stakeholders. 

We see strong stakeholder engagement as an essential part in the long term vision of Animal Ask. 

Responsibilities include:


  • Developing relationships with partner organisations 

  • Mapping and building relationships with other key movement stakeholders including funders

  • Attending, speaking and running workshops at 9+ conferences a year 

  • Setting and executing our Content marketing strategy 

  • Publishing and communicating our research through the relevant channels 


This job will involve a significant amount of travel and interaction with the global animal advocacy movement. As many as two to three months of the year may be spent at important conferences around the world or meeting and working with partner organisations in the field.



  • Friendly and positive verbal communicator

  • Strong written communication 

  • Accurate reading comprehension 

  • Knowledge of design and content marketing 

  • Public speaking skills

  • Fluent in written and spoken English

  • Knowledge of the animal advocacy and effective altruism movement 

  • Ability and passion to quickly learn new skills


  • Existing global network within the animal advocacy movement

  • Direct experience in a relevant research field or campaign approach



  • An impact-driven role with a high counterfactual impact

  • Flexible working hours

  • Option to work from a shared workspace with a community of talented, dedicated and like-minded staff, located in London 

  • Ability to travel and work remotely as part of the job

  • Going to conferences after parties with inspiring animal advocates literally is part of the job!


The application process will consist of: 

  • Application form 

  • Interview (30 mins+50 mins pre-reading)   [by 8th December*]

  • Task 1 (4 hours) [by 14th December*]

  • Task 2 (4 hours) [by 20th December*]

  • Final Interview [by 22nd December*]

*please note that these are soft timeline predictions and could be subject to

change depending on the availability of both internal staff and applicants


Animal Ask is an equal opportunities employer and we are committed to maintaining a culture of inclusivity. All suitably-qualified applicants will receive consideration for this post regardless of race, religion, colour, sex, gender expression, sexual orientation, disability, age, national origin or veteran status, as required by UK law. If you need any assistance with your application or have any other related questions about the application, please contact

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