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Animal Ask has been founded with the express aim to optimise and prioritise future asks to assist animal advocacy organisations in their efforts to reduce farmed animal suffering. We provide organisations with in-depth research, narrowly targeted at key decisions between different animal asks, supporting organisations, individual activists, policymakers and donors so that they may do more good in the long term.



This is the specific request for industry, food companies, or government to improve the welfare of animals in their care e.g. asking the UK government to ban cages for laying hens.


These animal welfare asks are implemented over a set period and if successful, can change the lives of millions of animals.


However, not all asks are equally impactful - good prioritisation of potential asks has the potential to greatly increase the effectiveness of our efforts. 


There are a huge number of potential asks we could make, with many complex factors to consider when prioritising an optimal animal ask. Research into these key consideration is essential to making well informed decisions. Given the impressive level of effort and resources animal advocacy organisations currently put behind each ask, we think that supporting our community in prioritising the best asks is key.

Image Source: Artem Beliaikin

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Billions of animals suffer on factory farms every year.

Most farmed animals across the globe live in conditions that make them prone to disease and injury, where they are unable to express any of their natural behaviours - all of which are imperative to their wellbeing. 


The animal advocacy movement is working to address this issue in many forms, through individual outreach, corporate relations, campaigning, legislative work and investigations. 

The corporate relations successes are largely due to organisations working with companies in the food sector who in turn commit to improving their animal welfare policies. These animal welfare asks are implemented by companies over a set period of time and result in an improved standard of living for factory-farmed animals.


Implementing strong and measurable animal welfare improvements can change the lives of millions of animals.


If you are an animal advocacy organisation, policymaker or individual who would like more information on optimising your current or future animal asks, please get in touch.

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